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Stress Management

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Week 1: Introduction to Stress Management

• What is stress?
• Understanding the stress response
• The impact of stress on physical and emotional well-being

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Week 2: Identifying the Source of Stress

• Common sources of stress
• Identifying personal stressors
• The role of stressors in the stress response

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Week 3: Developing Healthy Copying Strategies

• The importance of healthy coping strategies
• Exercise and physical activity as a stress management tool
• Relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and meditation
• Communication and social support as stress management strategies

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Week 4: Practice Good Self-Care

• The importance of self-care in stress management
• Sleep and stress management
• Healthy diet and stress management
• Engaging in activities you enjoy as a stress management strategy

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Week 5: Seeking Support When Needed

• The role of mental health professionals in stress management
• When and how to seek support from a mental health professional
• Support from friends and family as a stress management strategy

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Week 6: Putting It All Together

• Review of key stress management strategies
• Developing a personalized stress management plan
• Maintaining healthy stress management habits

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